Ton Sur Ton

Why are there no matching socks and boxers? That’s the question we asked ourselves. The answer? Ton Sur Ton! The world’s first matching socks and boxershorts for men! Ton Sur Ton is a Dutch fashion term, it means that you are combining colors of the same colortype, like light blue and dark blue. We thought the term suited our brand really well! On top of that it sounds so good! 

By continuous sampling for over a year, we have been able to develop the perfect socks and boxers! This resulted in socks and boxers that have a high quality fit, with fabric that is amazingly soft, stretchy and strong! The legs of the boxer are a little bit longer which give you a tough look and ensures it won’t crawl up to your groin. Our socks keep your feet warm, are a bit longer which guarantees everyone can see your socks!

Your vote counts!

At Ton Sur Ton the customer is king. Therefore you decide which design we are going to launch next! It’s very simple. Every quarter, three new designs will uploaded to our voting page. This is the place where you can vote on your favorite design. On the last day of the quarter the winning design will be announced. The design which received the most votes will be taken into production and will shine on our website as soon as possible! Do you have as uggestion for the next voting round? Let us know via our socials, and maybe you will see your idea on the voting page! Voting it is! 

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