6 Months No Tear Warranty

Yes you read that right! We believe that a boxershort or socks shouldn't be able to tear so fast. Our products have proven that they won't and to put our money where out mouth is we introduce the 6 months no wear warranty! Do you experience a tear within 6 months? We will replace your product free of charge!

How does it work?
In case you have a tear in your boxershort or sock within 6 months after your purchase follow the next steps:

1. Make a picture of the tear, on which it is clearly visible that it is our boxershort or sock.
2. Send this picture to info@mytonsurton.com and mention your ordernumber in here.
3. We check if everything is correct and send you a new one as soon as possible! Free of charge!

Side note: Ton Sur Ton remains the right to not send a new boxershort or sock in case we suspect that the tear was made intentionally with the purpose the receive a new one.