Red Hot - Organic


Why choose us?

6 months no tear warranty!

Yes you read that right! We believe that a boxershort or socks shouldn't be able to tear so fast. Our products have proven that they won't and to put our money where our mouth is we introduce the 6 months no tear warranty! Do you experience a tear within 6 months? Just message us and we will replace your product free of charge!

A perfect fit

Our boxershort fits perfectly to any body type, not too loose not too tight. It stays in the same shape, even after a gazillion washings. On top of that the legs don't crawl up to your groin! 

Super Combed Cotton

You have cotton, combed cotton, and super combed cotton. Most boxershorts use cotton or combed cotton which results in a fabric that is till a little hairy which you can still feel and see. We decided to go full premium and use super combed cotton. This gives the fabric super soft and smooth feeling. Moreover, the color lasts forever!

Pro tip: Because your lips are sensitive you can really feel what kind of cotton is used. The smoother the better, try it out at home!

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

This boxershort and sock is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and it controls the entire supply chain. GOTS ensures that there is 50% less CO2 emmission during production, less water and energy is used, and no harmful chemical pesticides are used while growing the cotton, which is better for nature, the farmers, yourself and your skin! 

No itchy labels

One of the most annoying thing while wearing your boxers is that itchy label on the back of your waistband. Therefore we made sure that our boxers don't have such a label but it is labeled on the inside!

Seamless socks

Especially when wearing tight shoes you notice it immediately, that seam in the front of the socks. We made sure that our socks are seamless so you will never feel this, no matter what shoes you are wearing.

Pre-dyed yarn fabric

Most boxershorts get their color and designs at the same time. Their base color is white and the color of the design will be printed on it which causes quick color fades. We decided to to it different, our yarn is dyed into the specific color before being woven into a design. This gives each boxer a very deep solid cover that doesn't fade!

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